School and Hospital Social Work Degree

Nowadays social workers are needed in many organizations, hospitals, schools and etc. The main goal of professionals in this field is to help people to improve their lives. Social workers help their clients cope with everyday issues, deal with relationships, and work out family problems by applying professional techniques and principles to patients’ difficulties. In addition, social workers can conduct research, be involved in policy development and advocate for improved services.

Social Work Degree programs

While earning a degree in social work, students need to take a number of courses. They may include human behavior, child welfare, theory and practice and group dynamics.

Bachelor’s Degree

Usually the first step in education is a bachelor’s degree. Students with a bachelor’s degree in social work will be prepared for careers in adolescent and child care, elderly care and youth work. There are many schools that provide students with these degree programs, including a few online. Read more …

Master’s Degree

However, you can continue your education and earn a master’s degree in social work. Master’s degree graduates can provide clinical services, clinical supervision and program management.

Master’s programs take 2-3 years. But if you want a license to become a therapist, then you’ll have to do about 3000 hours of practical work afterwards before getting that license. However, if you just want a master’s social worker degree, then you’ll need to fulfill some requirements too, prior to being registered or licensed to act as a social worker. Actually it depends on region and field you enter. Read more …

Doctorate Degrees in Social Work

Students can also deepen their knowledge by getting a Ph.D. After completion of Ph.D.-level, graduates typically conduct research and work as educators or in private practice. People interested in these degrees may want to teach, run departments, make policy or do any other number of things related to this field. The majority of individuals apply for degrees of this type after completing a bachelor’s degree.

However, there are some schools that have both PhD and Master’s programs. At these schools students can opt out at the Master’s level, or they can choose which degree program to enter. Read more …

Specific Areas in Social Work

While earning a degree a student should choose a specific area for specialization. Some of the common specializations include fields like:

And according to the chosen specialization graduates can work in varied settings like nursing homes, schools, mental health clinics, hospitals, substance abuse centers and government agencies.

If a graduate is interested in pursuing a career in social work related to family, children and schools, then he/she will work closely with unruly children, pregnant teenagers or abused children. If the specialization is a the gerontology, then a social worker can find job in old age homes or nursing homes with the elderly.

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